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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Oil Palm Land available for sale!

1)2,000 acres of  Vacant land suitable for oil palm plantation, CL, Kg Mantanau, Kota Belud. Price:- RM15k pa.

2)1,760 acres of Oil Palm land available, Kota Marudu ,CL ,flat plus a bit hilly, 80% planted,35km from mill, 15km from main road , 20 km from Kota Marudu, age of oil palm is 4-5 years old, RM26k per acre. Total:- RM49.28 million -SOLD OUT

3)25,000 acres of Oil Palm land available at Kinabatangan , age of oil palm is 6-7 years, CL,11km from Jln Kgau- Nabawan, Sungai Labau.37 km from nearest Mills. selling price:- RM32k per acre

4) 23 acres of Vacant land suitable for oil palm plantation, CL,selling at RM26k per acre. Flat land , Kota Belud. Total:- RM 598,000.00

5)14 acres of roadside land along Kota Belud road, opposite Petronas, CL99, selling at RM5 psf or RM3,049,200.00

6) 600 acres of CL planted palm oil land in Sipitang area. Age of tress:-  7to 9 years old.  The monthly production is around 150 to 180 tons.Selling price:-RM25k pa

7) 46.5 acres commercial land at pulutan road ,Menggatal .3 minutes from Menggatal town roundabout.Price RM9.3m or RM200k pa .

8) 5.33 acres of TL land at Times Square , KK city. Suitable for commercial usage. Price:- RM250 psf or RM58m -lump sum

9)1,500 acree CL vacant land at Keningau .Selling price :- RM12k pa.

10) 600 acres of oil palm plantation for sale at Beaufort area.Age of trees:- 3-5 years old, .Around 10km from Beaufort town along Beaufort Papar road.  Borneo Samudera and Beaufort Oil Mill nearby.  Price:- RM29k per acre.

11) 4.027 acres of TL vacant land at Karamunsing .Suitable for commercial usage. Price:- RM68m or RM390 psf.

12) 105 acres of roadside oil palm land at Sandakan -Telupid highway for sale at RM48k per acre or RM5m. Currently there are a mini hotel and shoplot and oil palm age of 6 years old.

13) 5 acres of CL vacant land at roadside along Jalan Mansiang, Menggatal . 2 min drive from menggatal town Suitable for residential development SP:- RM21 psf (J)

14 )564.12 acres ,Oil Palm Land, Kg. Monteniur, Beaufort, Age of trees:- 5-7 years,18km from town, 45 mins from mills,RM32k pa or RM18m

15) 387 acres, Oil Palm land in Keningau, 10 km from Mill,1 hour drive from Keningau town, Age trees:- 7 years, Yield :- 120 ton pm, Selling at RM25k pm or RM9.68m

16) 210 acres, Oil Palm land in Keningau, 30 km from mill,, 3 years trees, 100 ton pm ,Price:- RM28k pa or RM5.9m

17)74,130 acres, Ulu Segama,Lahad Datu, Timber land and vacant land. Suitable for oil palm,Selling :-RM10k pa or RM740m.

18) 389 acres, CL 99 (balance 68 years), 56 km from Kgau town, 19 km from mill, Hilly, 1000-1500 ft, Age of trees: 50% 9-10 years, 50% 6 mths- 2 years,Yield:- 100 metric tonne pm .Price:- RM9.75m or RM25k pa.

19)5,417 acres of NT Oil Palm land available for sale at Beluran, Sandakan. Age trees:- 5 years, Inclusive of machinery,equipments, office buiding,kongsi house, etc. 180 km from skan, 12 km from highway,12 km from mills,can buy over the owner's company .Selling Price:- RM20k pa. Total Price:- RM108m.


21) 7 acres of CL vacant land roadside at Kota Belud . Suitable for residential development. Selling price:-RM12 psf or RM3.65m

22)1,479 acres, Ranau vacant land,RM18k per acres or RM26.6m. CL99.Suitable for oil palm/agriculture.

23)2,427 acres, Sook , Keningau ,  CL palm oil land. 20 miles from mill, Roadside, 25 miles from Keningau town. 1660 acres- 5-8 years trees  while 767 acres ,vacant land .Price:- RM20k per acre or RM48.5m.

24)1,700 acres NT/CL vacant land at Lahad Datu selling at RM 25k per acre or RN42.5m(AP)

25) 766 acres CL oil palm in Kunak, Lahad Datu.Age:- 5-6 years old.30 km from town, Mills. Price:_RM30k pa.

26) 1,700 acres  NT oil palm land, yield :- 1200 tons. At Labuk Sugut,Sandakan. 8 years tree, 10 km from telupid, at roadside and 13 km from mills. RM 22k pa or RM22m

27) 2,000 acres NT land whereby 1,800 acres (unplanted-RM18k pa) and 200 acres (3-6 yrs- RM21k pa) 15 km from mill, 20 km from main road, 20 km from kota marudu.Price:- RM74m

28) 102 acres of CL oil palm land , Papar,1 year old trees. 10km from papar town.Nearest mill in Beaufort. Price: RM22k pa or RM2.24m

29) 29,599 acres of CL oil palm land, Telupid, 3 miles from nearby mills, 7 miles from telupid town and 3 miles from main road,Age of trees:-8-10 years old, selling price:-RM25,000 per acre 

30) 214,977 acres of land for lease in Ulu Segama, Lahad Datu .Price:- RM4,000 per acre

31) 2,427 acres at Persiangan - CL 1660- acres- 5-7 years - planted, CL-760 acres-unplanted, production -500 ton pm.Price:- RM25k pa for planted, RM15k pa for unplanted,19km from main road,16km from mill, price inclusive kubota,water pump, hilux,equipment . Total price:- RM52.9m

32) 3,810 acres NT mix land ,Kota Marudu,2000 acres planted, 4 years tree,90% flat land,20 km to mills,,1810acres unplanted. Price:-RM20k pa (planted) , RM15k pa (unplanted) Total price:- RM67.15m

34) 4.027 acres of KK City TL land located behind IRD . Selling at RM68m or RM387 psf.

35)5.33 acres Sembulan TL land selling at RM90m or RM387 psf .

36)500,000 acres of FMU land  and to replant with arcacia,rubber but not oil palm. Selling at RM1000 pa or RM500m. 2 letters -LOI and POF needed

37)1.6 acres of NT land at Tuaran for sale. Located 1 lot behind road to rasa
ria. Suitable for any development and alike. Price:- RM320,000

38)1.51 acres  of NT land at Kinarut for sale. Suitable for any development and alike. Price:- RM1 million

39)2.6 acres of NT land at Ranau for sale. Road side and nearby to Ranau/
Kundasang .Mountain view . Next to hard ware shop. Price:- RM180k per acre or RM468,000- lumpsum

40)120,000 acres of unplanted land in Dulit ,Miri .Price:-RM5,600 per acre.(inclusive of premium)

41) 14.65 acres of CL palm oil land at Batu 10, Jalan rtm Sandakan.Fully planted, next to asphalt road , 7 years old tree . Price:- RM85k pa

42) 2.53 acres NT vacant land at batu 36, Nearby to National Park, opposite Sunny's village area , roadside. Suitable for resort .mountain view.. Price:- RM420k lump sum

43) 12 acres of CL vacant land at Tanompok.Mountain view. Roadside. Price:- RM220k pa.

44) 285 acres and 723 acres of vacant land in Gua Musang, Kelantan. Suitable for palm oil .Price:- RM10,000 pa.

45) 10 acres of CL vacant land at signal hill, jalan asrama. Suitable for commercial usage.Price:- RM56 psf.

46) 10,000 sf NT land nearby to Servay Putatan .Price:- RM240k lump sum

47) 21,000 acres at telupid ranau.

48) 20,000 acres of rubber land in Kelantan .8 years tree .Price:- RM27k pa.

49) 34 acres of quarry land in Sepanggar.Selling at RM8 m

50) 13 acres of CL vacant land at roadside along Jalan Mansiang, Menggatal. 5 min drive from Menggatal town. Suitable for commercial development. SP :- RM16 psf.(J)

51) 2,999 acres of CL vacant land in pitas Price:- RM18,000 per acre.

52) 99 acres of CL vacant land nearby to SMK peninggor, Telupid.Price:- RM9,000 pa.

53) 502.4 acres CL oil palm land in bengkoka ,pitas, kudat 4 years trees. .Price:- RM35,000 pa.

54) 4.22 acres of CL vacant land in Papar . Price:- RM90,000 pa

55) 21,138 acres of oil palm land in kelantan . Price:- RM16,000 pa.

56) 29 acres of CL land along jalan tuaran, Near to Putera Jaya Housing area. Price:- RM30 psf

57) 10,500 acres CL vacant land in Ulu Tongod .age of timber:- 10-15 yers,saiz of timber around 5-6 round.Selling Price:- RM8,500 pa.

58) 2,000 acres at Lahad Datu . RSP. 5km from tar road, 11 km from mill,25 km from Sahabat 7 town,15 years tree .Price:- RM21,000 pa.

59) 4 storey shoplot at Sinsuran ,KK .Price:- RM2.6m

60) 3,000 acres of nt vacant land in ranau. Price:- RM8,000 pa

61) 0.87 acres of CL vacant land behind moretune club or opposite MGR .Price :- RM36 psf

62) 1,000 acres of CL vacant land in Telupid. Nearby to IOI mill.Nearby to pekan Telupid, Located beside roadside. Price:- RM11,000 per acre

63) 10,000 acres of timber available at Nabawan area.Price :- RM900 pa.

64) 29,599 acres of CL palm oil land at Telupid Sandakan. Age of trees:- 5 yrs old tree . Price:- RM 25K pa

65) 2,999 acres of CL vacant land at Pitas. Price:- RM 18,000 pa (FO)

66) 22 acres of CL vacant land at Kg Takis Papar . Price:- RM320,000 pa.

67) 3,000 acres of CL vacant land at Membakut . Price:- RM50,000 pa .

68) 14 acres of NT vacant land at jalan kimanis-keningau .Price:- RM9,000 pa.

69)45 acres of CL vacant land at Kg Luboh, Batu 10, Sandakan. 30% swampy and 60 % surrounded by palm oil. Near kampung area. Price:- RM19k pa

70) 6,516 acres palm oil land in Niah, Miri .7 years old trees. Mixed zone land.Price:- RM25k pa

71) 26,410 acres palm oil in Oya/Dalat Sarawak. 7 years old trees , Mixed zone land. Price:- RM25k pa.

72)85 acres CL land at Nalapak, Ranau for sale. Suitable for all types of
development. 10km to mills, 15km to highway, Next to tarred road. Price:- RM15k pa or RM1,425,000.

73)1,710 acres Oil Palm Land at Silam, LD , Fully Planted . 117 NT plus 2 ClLtitle but can take over the owner's company. Price:- RM25,000 per acre or RM42.75m

74) 500 acres CL vacant land at Kg. .kaiduan kinarut, papar.TItle at Land office pending clearance of o/s premium . Hilly land but suitable for agriculture. Gravel road .Price:-RM20k pa

75) 227 acres CL vacant land at  Kg Nalapak ,Ranau. Behind of Sabah Tea. Suitable for rear cow. Price :- RM12,000 pa.

76)11.7 acres of CL vacant land behind Seri Warisan ,Inanam . Excellent location for residential development. Selling price:- RM28 psf.

77) 8,893.42 acres with palm oil mil Perak Hilir Perak, Teluk Intan,Lease hold 2010-2109.Selling price:- RM 45,000 per/ acre

78)  6,000 acres of CL planted palm oil in Lahad Datu. Production around 5k ton pm. Next to main road and mills. Well managed by established planters. Buyers just issue Loi and meet up with direct owner.Selling price:- RM35k pa

79) 1,500 acres CL vacant land at Keningau .Age of trees:- 4 or 5 years, Selling price :-RM15k pa.

80) 25 CL acres Pantai Dalit beach , Next to Rasa Ria Resort. Beautiful beach and peaceful traquility. Price:- RM2m per acre or RM50 million

81) 1,000 acres, CL vacant land at Pitas area. RSP stages and premium not yet paid now . Have timber inside, Main road.. Price:- RM15,000 per acre

82) 328 acres NT vacant land  at Pitas area.RSP stages - timber trees available ,2 km from mill. Price:- RM4,500 per acre

83) 400 acres CL beach land at Membakut. .Suitable for resort and agriculture.Price:- 95,000 per acre.

84) 165 acres , NT land at Pitas area,RSP stages- less than 10 km from mill. Price:- RM4500 per acre

85) 4,015 sf in Sipitang town, TL . Price:- RM990,000 lump sum-NOT AVAILABLE

86)11.41 acres, CL land Sungai Baular, Beaufort.Price:- RM100,000 per acre.

87) 600 acres, NT land in Mandulang, Sipitang. 22 km from sipitang town,Price:- RM9,500 per acre

88) 74,000 acres unplanted land at Ulu Segama, Lahad Datu . Suitable for oil palm. Price:- 8,000 per acre

89) 71,000 acres unplanted land at Bongaya ,30km from mills, 10km from main road, undulating to flat land. Price :- RM8,000 per acre

90) 1,000 acres vacant CL land at Telupid, draft title, 10km from telupid town, 10 km from mills and 5km from main road. Price:RM11,000 per acre

91) 59 acres of quarry land in Sipitang, Price- RM50,000 per acre.

92) 1,795 acres of CL oil palm land for sale in Kota Marudu, 1 yrs tree. Distance from mill is 30km, from asphalt road is 15km and 5km  from kota marudu town. Price:- RM18,000 per acre

93) 90.43 acres NT vacant land in Beluran. Title available.Suitable for oil palm .Price:- RM15,000 per acre

94) 400 acres NT vacant land in Pitas. RSP, Price:- RM2,000 pa .Distance from mill - 10km .Distance from main road- 3km .Distance from Kota Marudu town-  20km .
95) 102 acres NT vacant land in Paitan. Title available.  Price:- RM15,000 pa, next to mill, distance from main road is 10km, distance from paitan town is 10km. Timber available.
96) 15 acres of CL land in Keningau town . Suitable for commercial usage. Price is RM17 psf or RM11.1m.
97) 250 acres of NT vacant land in Pitas. Title under process. Timber available. Price:- RM2,000 per acre . Distance to main road is 20km, Distance to mill is 28 km, Distance to pitas town is 40 km.
98) 30 acres resort land at Sabah highland. Selling price:- RM12m inclusive of land, building and licence

99) 160k acres of FMU land in Pensiangan.Selling Price:- RM1,000 per acres

100) 670 acres of CL land in Paitan, RSP, Price:- RM9,000 pa. Timber available.Distance from mill is 30km , distance to main road is  5km , nearby to paitan town. 
101) 2000 acres CL vacant land at the road junction of KB,KM and Kudat.  About 25km from Kota Marudu town.Price:-  RM15k pa. SOLD OUT
102) 800 acres plus 1,500 acres CL planted palm oil land in Kimanis .Total size:-  2300 acres .800 acres :- 3-7 years trees and 1,500 acres :- 1 year trees. Distance from land to main road- 4km. To mill 10km.to beaufort town:-23 km. Price:- RM28k pa

103) 3,600 acres of CL vacant land at   Penagat, Telupid .Price:- RM8,500 pa SOLD

104) 18,867 acres CL planted land at Telupid. Age of trees:- 8 years and above. Price:- RM32k pa-NOT AVAILABLE

105) 776 acres  of oil palm CL land at tingkayu, 5-6 years trees ,Price:- RM34k pa

106) 6 acres of NT land in papar area. Suitable for swiftlets  . Price:- RM70k pa

107) 6 acres of vacant land nearby to  kimanis SOGT . Suitable for industries activities.Price:-  RM450k pa.

108) 2.5 acres of vacant land nearby to kimanis SOGT . At the signage near to the roudabout area .Price:-  RM3 million

109) 15 acres of aqulculture land in Tenghilan area.  Fish pond and Crab pond available. Selling at RM950k -lumpsum

110) 4000 sf of land plus house for sale at menggatal area situated at roadside of jln tuaran. Price:- RM1.3 million.

111) 29 acres of industrial lot at Kimanis, 2nd lot from roadside, industrial .Price:- RM1.9 m - lumpsum

112) 0.5 acres of KKIP land available. Price:- RM500k -lump sum

113) 63 acres of PL vacant land in papar, suitable for livestock rearing only-Price:- RM32k pa

114) 1 unit of Cement Factory for sale (together with the land).Land size:- 2.34 acres CL land
Location:- Nearby to GMart Supermarket, Inanam .Selling Price:- RM13million

115) 100 acres of CL vacant land in  kimanis-roadside , 18 km from roundabout. Price:- RM33k pa.

116) 8 acres of CL  land at  kudat bak bak area - Suitable for fish and prawn farming only.Price:- RM200k lumpsum

117) 1 acre CL land plus warehouse at menggatal .2 lots from Jalan Tuaran. Selling at RM2.5m
118) 3.479 acres of penampang by pass roadside .Land saiz 3.479 acres . Opposite CKS supermarket or Grand Millenium township. Next to the newly constructed shoplots pending OC. Price:- RM6.8m or RM45 psf. Suitable for commercial usage -SOLD
119)  57 acres of industrial  CL land nearby to Sepangar bay opposite CMS . Price :- RM85 psf or RM211 million.

120) 10,000 acres of CL vacant land at Banggi .Price:-RM12,000 pa.

121) 1,500 acres of NT vacant land at jalan kimanis - keningau .Price: RM9,000 pa

122) 3 acres of NT Beach Land at Kg. Tg Aru , Menumbok .Price:- RM420,000 pa .

123) 207 acres of NT vacant land at Telupid area. Age of trees:- 7-8 years , 180 tonnes per month, had own road, nearby to telupid town and 10km from main road. Price:- RM31,000 per acre .

124) 2.16 acres of BFO land in Kg Air. TL99 expiry on 31/12/2073 .Price:- RM39million

125) 28 acres of CL vacant land at Kiansom Inanam .Price :- RM400 k pa.

126) 2,000 acres of CL vacant land at Mantanau area, Kota Belud. Price:- RM12,000 pa.

127) 3,000 acres of CL mix land in Ranau . 400 acres planted, 2,500 unplanted. Price:-RM15,500 pa..

128) 670 acres of CL vacant land in Labuk Sugut. Same owner with 2 separate location nearby . (192 hectares and 67 hectares) . Draft title. Price:- RM10k pa

129)2,984 hectares ,2,984 hectares ,2,363 hectares and 2,637 hectares in Suai,Sarawak . CL60 years.All selling at RM29k per acre.

130) 25,000 acres of CL palm oil land at Telupid.Age of trees:- 1-7 years old. 5 miles from the mills. Nearby to telupid town . 10 km from main road. Price:- RM22,000 per acre

131) 502 acres of CL land in Pitas. Age:- 3-4 years old. Land is 30 min from Pitas town. Price:- RM29,000 pa.

132) 889 acres of NT land in Tongod. Age of trees:- 5-8 years.Price:- RM12,000 pa.

133) 9,884 acres of nabawan land for timber activities. Price:- RM1,000 pa.

134) 4,999 acres of CL planted land in ulu tingkayu, Age of trees:-6-7 years old.Distance from land to mill is 3km, to main road is 45 km and to Kunak town is 50 km. Price:- RM27k pa. SOLD

135) 25,000 acres of Oil Palm land for lease at Bongaya.Lease period is less than 60 years. Currently, fully planted with palm oil from 3 years old and below.Price:- RM24k pa

136) 40 acres of CL vacant land next to KKIP.Location :- 2 lots away from Shell station, telipok (left hand side if you travel from KK).Selling price:- RM16 psf.

137) 2,010 acres of NT vacant land at Beaufort, Next to mills, 1km from main road and 4 km from Beaufort town. Selling Price:- RM9k pa-SOLD

138) 4000 acres of NT vacant land at Sugut , One owner. Price:- RM6k pa (AP)

139) 400 acres of NT vacant land at Sugut .1 hour from pitas town, 10km from mills, 40 min from main road.surrounded by boustead plantation. Price RM 6k pa (AP)

140) 432 acres of mixed land at lahad datu ,nearby to felda,draf title .Pay 2% first and 6 mths later ,title to be issued. 100 acres planted at 8 yrs and 300 acres unplanted. Price:- RM32 pa for planted and RM17k pa for unplanted , flat and beautiful land ( MJ)

141) 1,800 acres of NT vacant land at telupid. 15km from mills. 17km from telupid, 1 title. No doc. Price:- RM30 pa(AC)

142) 1,900 acres of CL planted in Sandakan. AOT:- 11-6 yrs.Near Kg tampias. 25km from main road and 30 min from telupid. 4 title no doc. Price:- RM32k pa. (AC)

143) 1 unit of 2 storey Taipan shoplot available for sale . price rm1.5m (PM)

144) 4,905 acres of NT vacant land in kg togop, ranau. OP:- RM8,000 pa.(DS)

145) 5.33 acres of TL vacant land at times square, sembulan . Price :- RM250 psf .(AL)

146) 5 acres of CL vacant land at kiansom nearby Sungai Kitobu. Suitable for commercial usage. Price :- RM30 psf. (AL)

147) 5,000 acres of CL vacant land at Lahad Datu . Price:- RM24k pa . (AL)-SOLD

148) 2 units of 3 storey shoplot at mile 1.5 sandakan. Age of buiding less than 5 years.currently rent it out to multinational company for both lots. Price:- RM3.6m (BG).

149) Kolej YS at sembulan .BUA:- 7,000 sf and Land size:- 38,500 sf. Price:-RM10m (RF)

150) 3 units of 2 storey Tg aru shoplot (adjoining) . BUA:- 1200 sf.. Price:- RM1.3m (JL)

151) 3 units of 2 storey shoplots at 88 market place. Price:- 1.7m for each unit. (NC)

152) 1 unit of 4 storey shoplot at Kg Air facing Sinsuran . Price:- RM3m .(JL)

154) 20,000 acres of CL vacant land  di Rompin Pahang.

155)150 acres of CL vacant land in Telupid .Suitable for agriculture or commercial usage . Price:- RM33k  pa

156) 13,000 acres CL vacant land in  lahad datu .Selling price:- RM9k pa- NOT AVAILABLE

157) 600 acres CL oil palm land in beaufort . 5 years trees. Borneo samudera mills ,mesapol -sipitang tarred road and mesapol town are all within 15 mintes driving radius.Price:- RM28k pa .

158) 200 acres CL vacant land in Nabawan . Suitable for oil palm . Price:- RM15k pa

159)1.3 acres of NT vacant land ,nearby to gaya sport inanam .Suitable for commercial usage.Price:- RM1.35m -lump sum

160) 6.09 acres of NT vacant land behind Hwa Siong school putatan .Suitable for commercial usage .Price:- RM39 psf.

161) 3,200 acres of mixed land at Pitas whereby 2,750 acres is CL land and 450 acres is NT land. 800 acres are planted with 1 year oil palm . Flat and undulating land. max 300 ft . Mills is 30 min drive , Kota Marudu town is 1 hour drive . Land is located by the roadside .Selling price is RM11k pa (S)

162) 12,000 acres CL vacant land at Tomani, Tenom. Selling Price:- RM10,000 per acre

163)192 acres of CL planted land in Ulu Segama, 4 years old ,10km from highway .Price:- RM28k pa

164)17 acres of CL vacant land next to Safyon International School , Bukit Padang. SP:- RM16 psf. (S)

165) 0.85 acres of NT vacant land along Penampang By pass near the orange house . SP:- RM41 psf. (S)

166) 3 acres of  CL vacant land in papar old road . Price :- RM60k per acre or RM180k lump sum

167) 432 acres of CL planted land at Kg Limpah,  Felda Sahabat. Lahad Datu. Draft title .Approximately 100 acres planted with 8 yrs trees and 300 acres unplated. Flat and beautiful land.Selling Price:- RM35k pa for planted and RM20k pa for unplanted. 

168) 500 acres of CL vacant land at Tongod. SP:- RM11k pa (S)

169)3,000 acres of CL oil palm land in Kinabatangan ,15km from nearest town. All planted with 8 years trees, Price:- RM19k pa (FO)

170)787 acres of CL oil palm land in  Kuala Merotai Tawau, 4-5 years trees, 30km dari mill.Price:- RM22k pa

171)600 acres of CL oil palm land in Sipitang . Land is 6km from highway,6km from Mesapol town and nearby to SLDB mill. Price:- RM28k pa

172)2,592 acres of CL vacant land in ranau. Land is 16km from mill and ranau highway Price:- RM9,000 pa

173)1,685 acres  of CL vacant land in Apin Apin Tambunan. 500 acres planted with 3-4 years old trees, 1185 acres unplanted but cleared.9 km from tambunan kgau road, 19km from tambunana town,40 km to kgau mill.Price:- RM17k pa.

174)202 acres of CL oil palm land in Telupid, Sandakan .6-7 years trees. Price:- RM28k pa

175)2,300 acres of CL oil palm land in Keningau .6-8 years trees. 1600 acres planted  but  700 acres unplanted. OP:- RM17k pa.

176)3,311 acres of CL oil palm land for sale in Tingkayu Kunak, 11 yrs trees- Price:- RM28k pa

177) 45 acres of CL vacant land in Sandakan. batu 10, kg loboh. Price:- RM21k pa

178)6 acres of CL vacant land in Benoni, flat land .Price:- RM600k lumpsum

179)1,500 acres of oil palm CL land in Bongawan/ Beaufort ,19km from bongawan town .  Age of tree:- 3-4 years old. Price:- RM28,000 pa 

180)800 acres of oil palm CL land in Membakut. Age of tree:- 6-3 years old. Price:- RM27k pa.

181) 2,789 acres of CL planted land in Kota Marudu ,4-6 years trees planted at 1,856 acres and vacant land at 754 acres. Land is 10km from main road .Price:-  RM28k pa.

182)2.92 acres of NT vacant land after menggatal town, along Jalan Tuaran. Suitable for commercial usage. Price:- at RM39 psf.

183)1.4 acres of NT vacant land after menggatal town,along Jalan Tuaran.Suitable for commercial usage.  Price:- RM29 psf.

184)494 acres of  in segama lahad datu, fully planted for 7-8 yrs. Nearby to main road and mill and only 20 km from lahad datu town. Price:- RM43k pa.

185) 4.26 acres of CL vacant land next to future supermarket in Tuaran .OP:- RM1m pa.

186) 100 acres of CL Palm Oil land at Mananggol,Sukau,Kinabantangan. Fully planted with trees of 8 yrs-1 yrs old. Price:- 29k pa .

187) 60 acres of CL vacant land at Batu 5, Sandakan.Suitable for commercial usage.Price:-  RM19 psf.

188)150 acres of CL vacant land at Pekan Telupid.Flat land and suitable for commercial usage. Price:- RM39k pa.

189)11.09 acres of CL vacant land in Sg.Kg.Cina, Batu 3, Sandakan.Suitable for commercial usage. Price:- RM600k pa.

190) 8 acres of Kokol NT vacant land . Overseeing KK city and suitable for resort. SP:- RM70k pa (S)

191) 20 acres of NT vacant land in Sepangar Bay .SP:- 6m (S)

192) 2 units of adjoining units of 3 storey shoplot nearby Bank Rakyat Donggongon. Corner plus intermediate. RM3.5m- lumpsum (J)

193) 3 lof of adjoining units of 3 storey shoplot at Sembulan Grace villa. SP:- RM4.8m- lumpsum (J)

194) 8 acres of CL vacant land opposite air kelapa signage along Jalan Tuaran KB. Suitable for commercial usage. SP:- RM390k pa

195) 4 acres of CL vacant land opposite air kelapa signage along Jalan Tuaran KB. Suitable for commercial usage. SP:- RM430k pa

196) 3 acres of CL vacant land at air kelapa signage side along Jalan Tuaran KB. Suitable for commercial usage. SP:- RM980k pa

197) 6 acres of NT land at Mengkabong hilltop . SP:- RM70k pa

198) 8 acres of NT land nearby to Mengkabong roadside . SP:-RM270k pa.

199) 731 acres of CL vacant land at Kinabatangan .300 acres planted and 431 acres unplanted. Selling Price :- RM22k per acre - (SA)

200) 2 units of Complex asia city 2nd floor owner price at RM309,400 and 1st floor RM594,800 (J)

201) 1 unit of Asia city old shoplot , 1st floor, facing CPS .corner lot ,BUA:-2400sf, selling at RM1.2m-owner price (J)

202) Star city link bridge 3 units selling RM389k upwards and 4 star hotel selling at RM118million.(J)

203) 14 acres of NT land behind Taman Kasigui 3 ,Minitod. Suitable for residential development. Selling price :- RM19 psf. (S)

204) 30++ acres of CL vacant land at Telipok next to main road. Hilly slope ,suitable for housing development . Selling price :- RM26 psf.(C)

205) 432 acres of CL vacant land at lahad datu nearby to felda,draf title pending premium unpaid ,flat and beautiful land . 100 acres planted with 8 yrs trees and 300 acres unplanted. Selling Price :- RM33 pa for planted and RM18k pa for unplanted , (J)

206) 1,800 acres NT vacant land in telupid. 15 in from mills. 17km from telupid town, 1 title. No doc. Selling price:- RM31k pa (C )

207) 1,900 acres CL planted land in Sandakan. AOT:- 11-6 yrs. Near tampias. 25km from main road and 30 min from telupid. 4 title. Selling price:- RM35k pa. no doc (C)

208) 4,905 acres of NT vacant land in kg togop, ranau. Selling Price:- RM9,000 pa.(S)

209) 2 units of 3 story shoplot at mile 1.5 sandakan. Age of buiding less than 5 years.currently rent it out to multinational company for RM 11,750 monthly for both lots. Selling price 3.6m (B)

210) 11 storey kg air hotel for sale at RM35m , kepayan hotel at RM16.8m and sembulan hotel at RM20m.(S)

211) 2 storey terrace house behind taman flamingo, menggatal. Price:- RM285k

For any selling prices exceeding RM1 million, you are required to  issue us a Letter of Intent , Proof of Fund or company profile (if any) if you wish to proceed with the above matter.


  1. Required 20000 acres of Oil Palm Land at strategically and logistically good place with nice yield record , contact Manoj Jain, mjraw2010@gmail.com, mjraw2010@yahoo.com 919810895400, 919810899400

  2. there is no 20,000 acres of oil paln land , but i have an 25,000 acres of oil palm land at sungai millian, kinaabatangan. Price 20 K p.a.
    if you are interested, please call me for further info.

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  3. Hi, Please confirm this is still available for sale and selling price.